Wellness Center

Song of Life County provides opportunities for various activities related to wellness and health. The large villas can be used for a lot of activities suitable for the location such as

1. Health Spa
2. Rejuvenation Center
3. Meditation Center
4. Spiritual Healing Center
5. Ayurveda Massage Center
6. Naturopathy Center
7. Yoga Centre
8. Nutrition Counselling
9. Training for trainers

The other possibility would be to augment the above activities by setting up a learning center for the following activities

1. Strategic corporate breakouts
2. Skill enhancement and training seminars
3. Workshops
4. Corporate outings

Both these activities can run simultaneously as we have 6 Villas which can be used for different purposes at the same time. There is space for enough parking internally as well as externally and facilities such as central water treatment plant; solar facility and well developed gardens to all the villas.

Business houses, startups, consultants and business advisors are welcome to explore their ideas with us. The premises can be leased on a long term basis to business houses with a strong business model.