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SONG OF LIFE COUNTY… Countenancing the comeliness!

Song of Life County is a heavenly countryside residential property conforming 7 Classic Country Side Villas, inspired by the Victorian era of architecture. It is a home away from urban muddles and hassles. In close proximity to all major landmarks, these leisure homes at Urawade in the western local of Pune are set in the lap of nature’s picturesque landscape, thereby offering a truly blissful countryside experience.

Each Classic Country Side Villas at Song of Life County is designed in such a manner that it allows maximum natural light, fresh air and the melodious raptures of Mother Nature into your home. Spaced out over a property amassing acres of natural beauty, each independent villa is furbished with a beautiful garden and ample parking space. Offering the perfect blend of security and personal space, these Classic Country Side Villas are gloriously decked with a 270 degree mountain view.

SOLC is a perfect weekend getaway where you can pacify your worries and celebrate life. The invigorating experience boosts your inner tranquility and facilitates serenity in your daily routine and frenetic life. Remarkably, the villas at SOLC will exclusively remain villas and can never be demolished for building apartments or flats.

Proximity to important cities and the rising popularity of this area promises a great investment opportunity for property investors. A profitable and a Tax benefitting investment, the property rates are expected to multiply with the rapid pace of development and increased market appreciation.

All these strong factors make SOLC an ideal investment for businessmen and professionals alike.